Department of Pharmacology involves in in-vitro & in-vivo evaluation of a molecule originated from plant, animal and synthetic origin. A strong ethical committee and with fully equipped laboratories leads our students/researchers to carry out their clinical research models. This department controls and restricts the use of various animals for insignificant work with the help of ethical committee.

Therapeutic effectiveness, toxicology and dose fixing for a molecule/ drug substance are the important criteria of this department.


Well established large laboratories, internet facilities and ethical committee are the important elements of department of pharmacology.

  • UG laboratories: 02 (Pharmacology)
  • Equipments
  • Electroconvulsiometer
  • Plethysmograph
  • Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus
  • Histamine Chamber
  • Analgesiometer
  • Biochemistry Analyzer
  • Eddy’s Hot Plate
  • Digital Photo Actomete
  • Digital Tele Thermometer
  • Rota rod
  • Metabolic cage