To promote faculty and ‘PIPERAINS  towards research and innovation, Smart India and Digital India through excellence of Education and assess the qualitive research work and publication

Role and Responsibility of Research Assessment Committee:

  • To promote research among students and faculty in specialization of the domain
  • To encourage, maintain and support research activities in the college through Technical Fest, Workshop, and Seminar etc.
  • To make proposals for allocation of funds for research activities from the different agency.
  • Monitor the progress in research and publication in the College.
  • Maintenance and record of research activities carried out by the faculty members
  • To subscribe the latest and recent research journals and publications useful for research work.
  • To make proposals for allocation of funds for college research activities
  • To update the Research activity in periodic base to concord authority
  • To undertake any other responsibilities related to the assessment and evaluation of the research in the College.
  • To Revaluate major / minor research projects, internship for the students
  • To meet industrial for latest research trend
  • To conduct activities during the year for Institutional Social responsibility.



Dr.Ch.Babu Rao M.Pharm,Ph.D

M.Surya Prabha M.Pharm(Ph.D),Assot.Prof

Dr.G.Lalith Sagar Reddy Pharm.D,Assot.Prof

M.Antiha M.Pharm,Assot.Prof

P.Ishwarya M.Pharm,Assot.Prof

N.Suresh M.Pharm(Ph.D),Assot.Prof



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